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Portrait Painting Course 

A four session course, which covers sketching portraits in proportion and achieving skin colour in paint. Including an opportunity to work from life, a great experience and foundation for future work. You'll benefit from a small class size in a friendly atmosphere. Materials included.


Sat 4th June, 10am-1pm 

We start by looking at the shape and proportions of the skull, and practice sketching a head in charcoal.

Sat 11tth June, 10am-1pm 

This week we begin a portrait painting from life. With a model in front of us, we’ll study proportion carefully, and start to sketch and block in the painting.  

Sat 18th June, 10am - 1pm  

Continuing to paint from the model, we’ll explore the colours in skin and shadows.

Sat 25th June, 10am-1pm

We continue to paint from the model, to complete the portrait painting.

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